Author Topic: chainbrake off of 162,166,188... would any fit a jonsered 630 west coast?  (Read 625 times)

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Are you asking if you can use the brake internals from those other models in/on your Jonsered 630 clutch cover.............or are you asking if you can use the complete brake equipped clutch covers from those models on your Jonsered?

The 162, 61, 66, 266, 268, and 272 (was no 166) are all in one family and are 'close cousins' to the Jonsered series that includes the 630, 625, and 670.  For the most part, you can use a complete clutch cover from one of those Huskys on your Jonsered.  The CB flag may or  not quite line up right with your handlebar depending on which flag and handlebar combination you come up with.

As for swapping parts, things get a bit more tricky.

 Husky used at least four different chainbrake setups during the 162-272 series run.  The 162 has a very early style metal flag brake setup (very similar to the brake setup used on some larger Huskys of the same time period).  The early 61, 66, 266, and 268 saws (which came after the 162.....the first model of the series) had a different metal flag setup.    Few if any parts interchange between those two types.  The early types have a folded steel sheet metal pivot bracket that the metal lever/flag pivots within.  This bracket is screwed to the tip edge of the clutch cover. The later metal lever/flag setups have the lever pivoting directly on an extension cast into the top of the clutch cover.

On later 61, 66, 266, 268, and 272 saws, Husky used a plastic brake lever/flag assembly. The last saws used a similar looking........but different chainbrake setup that also had the plastic lever/flag.    Can't recall if the flags can be interchanged between those last to setups (think they can), but some other parts such as covers, brake bands, and chip deflectors are different and not interchangeable between them.  The IPL's state a serial # break where the last two styles of brake setups.  No parts interchange between the metal flag brake setups and the plastic flag brake setups.

 Jonsered used two (or possibly three) different chainbrake setups on the 630/670/625 saw family.  The earlier ones had a metal arm sticking out of the cover, with a short plastic flag screwed to that arm.  Later saws had a plastic flag/arm assembly similar to what's on the later 61-272 Huskys.  Can't recall if there are two different plastic lever/arm Jonsered brake setups (to correspond with the two Husky setups) or not.   I think I remember seeing a serial # break mentioned in a late 625/670 IPL.  Would have to refresh my memory by looking at IPL's again.

You cannot use a clutch cover from a 181SE, 281XP, or 288XP (was no 188) on your 670.  The cover on these is much longer than the 162-272/625-670 clutch covers.  These saws have chainbrake setups that are similar to those used on the 61-272 saws.  Some parts will interchange between the clutch covers of the two saw long as you stick with the same generation of CB setup.  The early setup used on the 162 wasn't used on the 181SE, as it was introduced after that style of brake setup had been replaced by the later metal arm/flag brake setups.

So.............what does all this wordiness boil down to???

Your best bet is to scare up a complete 630, 625, or 670 CB clutch cover.............................or failing that, obtain a complete 61/66/266/268/272 CB clutch cover and either live with the different color (orange vs red) or repaint it to match the saw if that matters to you.

Can you post a few pics (inner side and outer side) of your current clutch cover?  IF your cover is one of the later plastic arm/flag setups then you may be able to outfit your cover with parts from other saws.  Again..........because of the different CB setups that Husky/Jonsered used, this could be a bit tricky.  Better to just go with a complete cover if possible.  I had an early 630 with the metal arm/plastic flag setup.  It was mostly complete, but I was still having a hard time finding all the parts needed to complete that cover.  I ended up giving the saw to someone.  Dunno if he used that cover or replaced it with something else (or if it's still sitting on a shelf).  The engine needed a rebuild as well...


For older saws:
Tune the H side so that it 4-strokes (burbles) at WOT unloaded and just cleans up when under load.
When you lift cutting load, the saw should immediately revert to 4-stroking.  Fine tune the transition point for the wood you're cutting.
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