Author Topic: Jonsered 2040 Turbo over fuelling?  (Read 1904 times)

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Re: Jonsered 2040 Turbo over fuelling?
« Reply #10 on: June 06, 2014, 09:34:01 am »
if the welch plugs have been messed with, or there is any corrosion under them that's pushing them out, it will cause flooding issues.
this is the same saw as the Husqvarna 40-45-49. lots of parts everywhere for these.
you do have the spring under the lever don't you?
are you sure it's the correct needle? there needs to be fuel pressure to 'fill' the metering side of the carb, and it needs to be quite a bit to do so. so if the diaphragm is in the right place, and all corresponding parts are ok, there shouldn't be any fuel getting in unless that spring is either missing or somebody has messed it up. not much to these carbs to cause problems. they're not rocket science. so long as all the parts are in place, and properly, there shouldn't be any issues like this. this is one of the most reliable carbs out there.

regardless of the flooding. if a crank seal is leaking fuel out no matter how full the crank case is, that seal needs to be replaced. if it's leaking through the mounting bolts, the bottom end needs to be re-sealed which means a total tear down. you have more work than just the carb. and running that saw with said issues will burn it up quick. maybe it's time you visit the local small engine shop for an opinion from somebody who can have the saw in front of them for a proper inspection. before you waste more time and money.
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