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Jonsered 920's and HS-219B & C RPM Limited Carbs....
« on: August 11, 2014, 08:21:18 am »
I posted this over at forestryforum....

Brought out my slightly "tweaked"Jonsered 920 and Spike60 his 930 & 820. Pretty certain my 920 has a limited Carb.. Couldn't get past 12,000. I want to know for certain.. Is there a way to tell from model number?? Don't want to tear it out and look as the thing is running well....It's either the Carb or Ignition! I think its the carb ..

Maybe this is a "sawtroll" question. Were the big jonsered's built with those rpm limited carbs? Or did I just end up with one because it was a junk pile saw...entirely possible!
 (Those Jonsered's were Supposed to have  HS-219B carbs....I think)

And the following is from the Tillotson Website... SO I guess this is the answer and I wasn't crazy.......NOW the question is the best way to beat the governor. (A New York State problem too.. :)   I wonder if there are different "springs" available to have different RPM settings
HS Series Diaphragm Carburetor
Applications Feature Options
•Chainsaws (professional)
•Clearing saws, cut-off saws
•Pumps, generators
•Earth compactors, rock drills
 •Speed governor valve
•Internal/external pulse
•Independent/dependent fuel adjustment
•Butterfly/injection choke
•Nickel-plated inlet seat
•Remote fixed jet
•Part throttle jet
•Side adjust/wing adjust speed screw
•Reverse idle system
•Emulsion idle
•Filter compensation system

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Look at the side of the carb  limiter is the larger brass slotted plug (screws in).     To defeat, pull the plug and check valve out and use a small piece of aluminum sheet or a Welch plug of the proper Size. Put plug back in a manner where the brass plug holds the aluminum against the orifice , sealing it

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Thank you!

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I just use BB. Didnt know about the other trick in past.
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It is a bit odd if the HS-219B has a Governor, as the part list for the 219C doesn't list those parts?

Is that part list faultey, or is that differense actually there?


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