Author Topic: Jonsered to husky crossover parts  (Read 441 times)

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Re: Jonsered to husky crossover parts
« on: November 08, 2016, 08:31:32 am »
I just got a bunch of chainsaw parts mostly jonsered 630 crank cases with cranks. Because there were no top covers starters etc. I am looking for information on which husky models have parts that will fit on these cases without to much modification.  Husky oem or aftermarket parts should be easier to find.
I think I see a 672 conversion in my future
Can anyone confirm that a 272 starter and top cover will fit on the 600 series jonsered crank case?

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If you have a case that's a 1-coil, that would be the way to go, as the 268/272 to cover will fit I believe. Earlier 2-pc. will not as with the 625.  The 630 was a hot rod of a saw when it came out.  Basically a closed port Husky 61 somewhat.  I would consider a 268xp jug over a 272 if it were me.  I think they have alittle more low end torque, and they rev just as good.  The 630 may have the external impulse like the 670.  Therefore you would need to use the same intake setup.  Get you a 272 cover and see if the holes line up on your cases.  As far as the starter cover cases, there are 2 starter pulley lengths on those you need to watch for.  The early "flater models with the tiny decal have a shorter pulley shaft than the 268/272 pulley.  There were differences in the clutches & flywheels.  That's part of the fun with this series of saws.  Like a jig-saw puzzle as weime-dog would say.  Have fun.