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Husky 357XP/359 parts
« on: May 14, 2016, 06:48:03 pm »
I need the following for my Husky 359 project:

-A complete clutch cover (with all the chainbrake stuff).  A cover from a 340/345/350, 346XP/351/353, or 357XP/359 will work fine.

-A muffler and muffler support bracket for a 357XP/359.  Non cat type.  I have a rusty cat type muffler now.  Would rather just replace it than take the time/effort to gut the cat and clean it up.

-A chainbrake lever and chainbrake lever pivot screws.  The lever should be the same for all the mag case saws.  346XP/351/353 and 357XP/359.  The pivot screws should be the same for those as well as the plastic case 340/345/350 saws.

-Could also use a good set of 357XP/359 cases (or at least a good PTO side case half). My PTO side case half is usable, but has a JB Weld type patch on the oil tank that may not survive being heated when I split the cases to replace the bearings. Might just end up having the hole/crack/whatever's under the patch welded...

Not looking for pretty/expensive 'shelf queen' stuff. Just good and usable.

Got various things (parts/bars/etc) plus some $ to trade.

For older saws:
Tune the H side so that it 4-strokes (burbles) at WOT unloaded and just cleans up when under load.
When you lift cutting load, the saw should immediately revert to 4-stroking.  Fine tune the transition point for the wood you're cutting.

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Re: Husky 357XP/359 parts
« Reply #2 on: July 15, 2016, 05:47:37 pm »    all oem and the brackets and other small items are not expensive. Also for a aftermarket clutch cover with brake try hlsupply. I believe it is.


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