Author Topic: Confused about Pro Mac 10-10S fuel line part #  (Read 1703 times)

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Re: Confused about Pro Mac 10-10S fuel line part #
« on: April 11, 2014, 11:41:38 pm »
WOW !...that was quick...I barely sat back down with my evening beverage..aka Jack n Coke !. But seriously. my saw does not have that conversion for sure ! Do you know of the correct IPL that shows just bulk line and the one with the conversion ? Once again, thanks for being so quick !!!!


You're welcome.  I just happened to be looking in the Mac section shortly after you posted.  I don't think I've seen that kit listed in any IPL's.  If it its, it'll be in an IPL for a late 10-series saw like a 4300 or DE80.  Seen a few of those kits listed (and pictured) on ebay.  If your saw doesn't have the conversion bushing, then it should indeed take the molded line with the 'grommet' section in the middle. 

That hole in the tank for said 'grommet section' is around 10mm/.401" IIRC.  There were two molded lines, but both are shaped the same in the middle.  One has a 'bell' shaped section on the tank end that takes a plug of felt as a filter, while the other has a smaller end that takes a 'normal' saw fuel filter.  Now I'd really like to see a pic of the carb box area of your saw. 

I've seen where guys have cut the grommet section out of an old fuel line, crammed that back into the tank cover hole, and then ran a smaller line (or a length of copper or aluminum tubing) through that grommet section.


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