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Re: Mac super 250
« Reply #10 on: January 03, 2014, 05:44:13 pm »
I've only got one of those flat backs to deal with .I think it's on a 250 but it might be a super .It was a freebie which I got running after having the carb apart a half dozen times .

I never thought much about but come to think about it might be a super because it would outcut the other couple of 250's I have .The investigation is going to have to wait because it's cold enough out now to freeze the tail off a brass monkey not to mention other portions of its' person .

Al, if i may move the subject slightly,,,,
I have built up a few later 6-10 macs (black square ones with a horrible looking chain brake (free) most not going with bits missing. Question is are they the same piston and cylinder ect to the older 6-10 from the 70's, if not i cannot see any point to excepting any more.
thanks Neil

Totally different saws.  You're talking about the PM-610 (ProMac 610) saws vs the old 6-10A.  Two different saw series.  The 6-10A is also 4.3ci instead of 3.7ci, and is from the late 1960's.

Ok thanks, that good to know, my place seems to have become a dumping ground for old junk saws, sometimes I get saws I can rob bits off for racing but mostly not.

edit,,, that pic above looks good too, seems to be chugging through good.


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