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Re: McCulloch oil pump problem
« Reply #40 on: June 16, 2013, 09:48:39 am »
naw she just wanted to cuddle :) and give you love nips ;D
had an old sp-81 that would break it's own pull cord quite often when you shut it down. tried to hold the cord out a few inches once (only once) to see if it helped. i figure she would just love to keep running in reverse if there wasn't anything there to stop it from happening. that saw was a nice easy starter, loads of go and a nice smooth idler. never looked at the points to see what was up, ran too good and didn't have it long enough. got sold on me by mistake when i brought it in to work one day to show john (owner of bentons farm equipment), he wasn't there that day and i was helping the neighbor with some haying, long story short, pete, the other mechanic (very close to retirement at the time and long since dead now, gawd rest his awesome soul),didn't know it was mine as i didn't have a tag on it saying so. and it was in the tree with other saws for sale, sold it to somebody that came in looking for such a saw for some dirty clean up, no price, but that's ok. we'll sell it to you for the same price as the similar saw above and call it good. thank you have a nice day :)
i wasn't mad, honest mistake totally brought on by my own dummass. i did make an extra 40bux ;D and never ever seen it again.

when I grow up, i wanna be an adult.


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