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Re: McCulloch resleeve
« Reply #10 on: November 08, 2014, 06:28:57 pm »
I'll second LA Sleeve .Coring out a piece of gray iron takes a long time .Spin cast also should be stronger I would think .

In my case with 70 over the wall thickness was around 35 thou give or take .I think you could press a thick sleeve like that and once pressed bore it out some .Too thin I'm about afraid you'd crack it  pressing it in .

You can get precision  tubing in about any size which is very strong but like 4140 steel it doesn't machine that well I suppose it could be honed to size but it would take a month of Sundays to do it .

How thick,good question I think under combustion pressures can reach 800 PSI .If it had enough "meat" to back it  it up and could transfer the heat maybe 10-12 thou ,just a guess .

Now on a Mac it's fairly easy because you can go right through the ports to cut in the ports .Some like a Stihl or a quad port Husqvarna you's about have to make a port map template and do every thing inside which would be a chore .If you tried to cut the ports in first you'd first of all have to be right on the money plus the ports being cut in ahead of time would probably cause the sleeve to crack while being pressed in .


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