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Re: McCulloch resleeve
« Reply #30 on: November 13, 2014, 06:48:39 pm »

+1 lots of potential there.  with a sleeve, think the possibility of lowering the exh roof would also be available for a torque style build.

On that and in reference to a removable cylinder like a Stihl it's normally done by cutting the cylinder base .I had thought about building a "slugged" partly blind end cylinder liner for the 125 Mac but changed my mind because it's a fairly  rare saw .All I wanted it to do was run as good as a stocker which it does .

Slugging a cylinder is making a tapered top open in the middle  removable spacer done on old John Deere two cylinders running "hot farm stock" to raise the compression but that is in no way connected with chainsaws .

There's lots of old ideas that have been around for decades most people never heard of from days high compession pistons were not even thought of yet .But then again a 50 year old farm tractor and a chainsaw engine really don't have much in common .

didn't elaborate enough on my reply.  aware of "dropping the jug."  when the need to drop the jug, for whatever reason, you are limited by just how much, due to the freeport dilemma.  could see where the exotic pistons would be of help with this.  the other ports are not a big deal to correct.

if i was going to go through the time/expense to do any of this, would put the exh roof where i wanted it to begin with.

the only replaceable liners i have personally seen were in a box.  for a ford tractor motor in pieces.  my ex-father in law never finished this project even all the pieces were there.

thanks for taking the time to explain these things, Al.  like learning new things.



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