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Re: PM 605 hard starter?
« Reply #20 on: January 28, 2016, 11:25:28 am »
Mikehonda, caught a notification for your reply in my email this morning. I appreciate your replies. As you can see, my last reply was back in September. It starts getting too dang cold to be outside puttsing (for me, anyway) with a bull headed saw. I put it away til spring. As I stated earlier, I did find a carb kit, I just haven't installed it yet. I also bought a new plug and will be putting that in.
   I never thought about the switch being dirty. As stated earlier, once it's running, it runs great. Will just spraying it with contact cleaner do the trick?
   As far as fuel selection goes, the highest Octane readily available is 91 or 92. This is the only grade available, short of racing fuel without Ethanol in our area. I have already opted to using this in my other small engines (lawn mowers, snow blower, etc.) I will be doing the same with the saw.
  One other question with you being a new response on this thread, what is your input on my pull cord issue? As you probably know, the casing is molded plastic and the cord wrap is aluminum. There is no noticeable wear on either so I don't feel this is the issue. Is there anything, you feel would work to stop the cord and recoil from binding?
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