Author Topic: Wanted a loader tractor with a hrdrlic dump bucket.  (Read 359 times)

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Wanted a loader tractor with a hrdrlic dump bucket.
« on: October 25, 2017, 08:31:54 am »
I have been needing a loader tractor with a non trip rod for the bucket. I also wanted some thing diesel so it should be easier on fuel.
I knew what ever I found was not going to be in the range of my current tractors 1938 to 1965, the 65 is a gas guzzler and is going to partly fund the new loader tractor.

Found a 1979 Allis 175 Diesel in great shape with decent tires and a front loader not all bent up and leaking fluids. Problems arose when the banker I live with said it was to big and costly per the year. Isn't any more HP than the 65 model that is going to fund a bunch of the new tractors cost. Even the physical size isn't any bigger. Ya but those size tractors require bigger parts when they break so are more costly buy IE to own.
OK Banker I will pass but know it is a mistake. Just what do you suggest?

Banker says a new cut tractor, so the search began. I refused to get any thing below 30HP will let the banker use a shovel and wheel borrow before I go below that size. New Holland was first because I was at the dealer to get a pricy part for the 65. They have the same basic tractor 33HP one called a boomer and one a work master. Dealer couldn't really explain the difference other than a few thousand dollars. Didn't have one in stock that was gear and had R1 tires so would be a couple months to get one if I wanted one and was set on the price. Sold Kubota's but turned up his nose when I inquired on the price. Just said I would not be as happy with it as I would a New Holland. Found out later he wouldn't make as much off the Kubota as he would the NH.

Next was a Branson dealer who I had thought sold a KTM or some thing like that but he had dropped that brand. Only had one tractor in stock a 33HP model he used as a demonstrator he said, but wouldn't even start it. Had a brush hog mounted and I picked several branches off the tractor with 2 inch thorns. Didn't have R1 tires on it had R4's, Buy the tractor and when I get a set of R1 tires in we will swap them out if you don't scuff them. Seemed rather put out when I said I was not going to do any thing of the sort it would have tires i wanted or I would not buy.
Banker also was not to thrilled with the dealer either.

Next was a Massey Ferguson / NH dealer. He starts off that I would not be happy with the Massey just so many things it didn't do that the NH did but again several thousand dollars more for the NH. Also again he would not even start any of them. Didn't have a NH with R1 tires either and then the HP went from 33 to 35 for the new models and I would have to wait for a new one to come in and they were several thousand more because of the bigger HP.
Banker was scratching her head as we left.
I decided I could probably swing the 175 Allis with out the banker once I sold the 65.

Comeing home from a car show we drove buy a Case IH dealer, decided to go back on Monday and see what they were costing. Talk about sticker shock for a horriable thought out machine Farmall. $25,000 for a 25HP machine the controls for the front loader was OK and the valveing hung nearly to the ground under the machine. I would have had that ripped off on the second day.

Again the Allis 175 is looking better.

OH there is a Kubota dealer and a stand alone dealer. We stop and look at a few of the tractors he has setting in the lot out front. Go in and tell him what I am looking for and he takes us out to see a 33HP machine with R1 tires but no front loader, not to worry we have a shed full of them and shows us the shed full. Some how it get to where I am from and I tell him so he gets to talking about people I know real well as he is figureing up the money.
Sounds pretty good but we only have the pricy NH and the used Broson to compair to. We leave and talk about it on the way home. Banker really liked the dealer says nices one we have met turn around. We tell the dealer he has sold the 33HP with R1 tires and front loader.

Tuesday Sept 26th we sign the papers and place a worldly amount down after they give us the tour of the tractor . Agreed tractor will be delivered Friday after the tires are filled with beet juice (Rim Guard) and loader mounted. Problem we also need to wait for a pinned loader from another dealer.

Friday morning at 9:45 the dealers delivery man backed the trailer and truck into our drive and unloads the tractor and goes over the to loaders operation, we had went over the tractor on Tuesday before the Banker left the worldly amount of money with them. It came with a quick detach bucket because they couldn't get the pinned bucket in time for delivery and the extra cost was dealer ate.

So now the banker doesn't have to use the shovel and wheel borrow to build more flower beds. I can sell off the 65 and pay the banker back part of the worldly amount of money.

First chore for the new Kubota was rescue the 65 I had ran out of gas and wouldn't start even though I put 5 gallons in it. Did that well with the banker driving it, good thing we have not had rain in a while or the grass would have grown about a foot in the amount of time it took as the banker was going so slow.

Will show the rear first as it towed the Ford fine. Also shows the pencil bax they call a tool box. OK you may be able to fit a scrench in it. But it is the second mod I did.

:D      Al

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Re: Wanted a loader tractor with a hrdrlic dump bucket.
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2017, 08:36:56 am »
The seat switch was so bad that I was turning to look at the log I as skidding and the tractor quit. Scratching my head I restart it don't go far and that stupid tractor quit again , WHAT. On the third quit I decided it was the seat switch so I got off and looked at it. Hardly any contact so I made up my mind I wasn't going to deal with that any longer and would fix it.

First mod.

Needs a tiny adjustment but works. I can even stand up to see the front loader better when trying to scoop up some dirt.

Kubota put this little box on it and called it a tool box. I have lunch boxes bigger and some pill boxes just a little smaller, seen just to the right of thr SMV placard.

Second mod.

Got a tool box and the color matches a little even. cut some brackets for the inside and outside. I do have to modify the SMV placard some, but that isn't a big deal.

Seat is all the way back and there is clearance.

I put two of these hooks on, one to each bracket to hang things on one of which it the draw bar for thr 3 PT.

Draw bar hanging on hooks.

As you can see the latches are tight with the ROPS bar folded down. I will make some pull tabs for those latches.

:D Al

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Re: Wanted a loader tractor with a hrdrlic dump bucket.
« Reply #2 on: October 25, 2017, 08:43:33 am »
Well I bolted a wheel center I believe weighs 350 pounds to the 3 PT draw bar. Took some finagling to get the holes lined up as the wheel center is so heavy I had to use a pry bar to move the thing.  I had the bucket full of Elm that had blew down during Saturdays nights storm. Went down the hill and no need to hang on with PUCKER POWER worked very well.

Now to make the saw scabbards. Found I can carry the log jack under thre bucket cylinders just fine.

Still looking for informtion on LED lights. I don't want to waste money buying dim work lights.

:D     Al


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