Author Topic: Have a 500 that I can not start ?  (Read 611 times)

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Re: Have a 500 that I can not start ?
« on: January 09, 2012, 06:15:45 pm »
Well I am about ready to Give up.I came home today and went to the saw.First I brought the piston to TDC and looked at where the Flywheel magnets were in relation to the Coil poles ,..fine.But to be sure I removed the wheel to check the key ,...yup fine as well.Then on to the Coil I changed it out with one I had after finding out I could not get a new plug wire to screw on to that one ,just would not start on.So I changed the coil and , fire reset the pole gap,... no fire.Turns out that with this saw having that small black ignition module it just would not accept the coils I had at least thats what I think.So I Put the orig Coil back in and checked the fire,... it is as Bright Blue as you have ever seen. So Good fire Next stop the Carb .I did not have a kit so I took it all apart Pump diaphram needle valve Hi/Lo jet screws top section as well then blew it all out w/ comp air.Put her all together with a new gasket I made from gasket material .Primed the cylinder and she started and run for 10 sec primed again same thing and over and over but if you touched the throttle it would immeadiately stall.Then it would not start at all. So then I rememberd a 500 carb that came on a saw i just bought that a tree fell on the saw so i put that running carb on the saw ,It will run 2 sec every time you pull it over but unless you remove the muffler it will not run.If you remove the muffler it will run but if you touch the throttle it dies. So I called a farm and garden sales place I have called before to get this certin persons advice.Oh one more thing I did take off the muffler and it would run then but still if you touched the throttle it would die and while it ran it was fogging the hell out of my right hand with fuel mist from the carb.Well I explained all this to him and he said it sounded flooded to him. I told him it would run every time I pulled it over for about (5,... put put put put's) when I told him about the muffler he said that when an engine is flooded that will help let the excess fuel escape but it could also mean that the piston or cylinder or both could be bad and that is where all the atomized gas form the carb was comming from .It was maybe leeking by the piston and being forced out the carb as a mist.So that's where I am now? What do you all think?


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