Author Topic: Partner 5000 or 500 chain brake/ side cover  (Read 4000 times)

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Re: Partner 5000 or 500 chain brake/ side cover
« on: January 04, 2012, 05:30:46 pm »
Well there is a reason I asked that.
 First off I did just a moment ago buy a Partner 500 fo $40.00 it has a broken control handel but I have spare pats.I may have listed the saws that I was about to look at in the wrong order.
  Now as for the crank bering:
  I am prettty handy but not very confidant.I have changed jugs and Pistons, clutchs and stuff but I have NEVER been inside a split case,,, the fact is I have never opened a case. I was reading in my new service manual about spliting the case.It seems that to remove the flywheel you need some special tool.We used to use flywheel pullers in High School but I do not even have one of those .Also I am not sure if I need to compleatly remove the crank from the saw if so is'nt there somthing on the opposite side as well? a oil pump gear sounds about right ? But I am not sure. Then it said the case must be heated up to accept the new seals? Not to sound like a nooby but This kind of scares me some. I have done a lot more thn some people but I am not on par with you guys either. So that is why I was wondering if I could free up the crank bering.I agree withassement though, that I wanted to install new bering and seals as well she would be almost as good as new then. I wonder if there is somebody on this site close to me in Maine that would stand over me while I do that?


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