Author Topic: Which brands and Models have a clutch that will fit my 500 ?  (Read 1183 times)

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I don't come here very often but I wanted to say thank you to "Cut For Fun".
 I have a 5000 that is giving me fits lately and I think? it may be a seal. No matter how often I set the idle after a few minutes it is right back to a very high idle. The chain spinning very fast so it could be a clutch too. When I hold it upright( in the normal cutting position) it revs very high , but if I turn it on it's side ( PTO) down towards the ground the high rev goes away. In fact if I left it that way without blipping the throttle I think it would stall out.
  Well anyway I wanted to buy new seals and a new clutch but I could not find what I needed,.. then through googling ( clutches that will fit my 500 or 5000) I ended up finding this old thread.
  C.F.F had named several different part numbers that helped me find some parts I ordered 6 seals and one clutch last evening from HLSupplies . Thanks again you have always been a wealth of help to me and I am sure many others. Jeff

 8) Thanks for feedback

Thats why I store the info broke down like I do here. Glad to here it helped even in a google search for you to find the info that could help you.


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