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Re: P61
« on: March 05, 2019, 06:36:10 pm »
Sure like to seen what all these good chainsaw company's would have become if not bought out.  Maybe they would have just folded on their own, who knows  :'(

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Just trying to remember the chainsaw companies bought up by them over the years.  Any others that was bought for chainsaws?
Most of the North American manufactured saws were started up by either 1 man or a small group of people and most of them sold out by the late 1950s except for one Robert McCulloch . He was building small engines in the 1930s and by the late 1960s he built a small resort city in Arizona and moved a London Bridge from England to Arizona brick by brick in the early 1970's.  But he shortly after lost alot of money trying to get into the outboard motor industry  anf ended up selling he's company to Black and Decker in 1973. By 1977 he was dead in his 60's.
Claude Poulan did well by the mid 1950s he had a dozen saws on the market and then went public and sold shares on the stock market. Metal fabricator Charles Beaird bought all the stock of Poulan in 1959. The new Beaird -Poulan doubled in size and enjoyed 2 more decades of successful saw models, selling out in '73 and merged as poulan/Weedeater growing considerably larger before being bought by Electrolux in '78. Then going on into the 1980's getting bigger with another full line of professional saws.

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