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.......after removal.

trivial, but most likely a common problem.

root of problem:  caused by cover being removed while chain brake was engaged.
ie. chain brake ring will now, not fit over the clutch/sprocket hub.

this happened to me on my 340e, also happened to a friend which brought his
husq small cc homeowner saw over to me recently.  i do not recall the model, but do
remember that it had a single bar retaining nut.

my experience, your fix may vary.

what not to do: 
remove the spring (spring assembly from the clutch cover).  this will work, but it is
difficult to reinstall the spring.  don't recommend this method.

what to do:
install clutch cover as one wold normally do.  tighten bar nut while at the same
instance moving chain brake handle from "brake off" to "brake on" positions.

the 'cloverleaf' brake catches will eventually engage while torquing the nut down.

once the cloverleaf brake catches are engaged, the chain brake handle can be
moved into the "brake off" position.  now the cover can be torqued down normally.

this takes a bit of fussing, but will work, and is easier than the previous method.



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Or take the clutch off. Install clutch cover. Move brake handle into open position.

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I get them at work all the time and I just take the clutch off,  put the cover on and disengage the brake.
Sounds like the the rest of you do the same.
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I got one and didn't have a clutch tool for it. I took the hand leaver off the saw and reset the brake in the chain cover. Re-installed the brake lever and chain cover.
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