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inertia dyno safety
« on: January 15, 2017, 08:52:05 pm »
first off, i am not trying to preach and certainly not trying to be a buzzkill.

since i have not read too much about the safety aspects of a inertia dyno, maybe some have.  not talking to you guys.

the following is only my opinion, and if you do not want to listen to me that's cool ask someone that you know and trust.  i never try to lead anyone wrong.

the energy created with a steel disk is immense.  it is at least as dangerous as operating a spinning chain saw.  i believe that it is more so.

when the roller decides to break it will be like a grenade.  these forces are more enough to cause serious injury or death from shrapnel.  if the roller was to coast down without a brake it would spin for about 5 minutes.

the forces created in the steel cause the roller to break around the axle first.  as rpms increase the danger also increases.  as diameter of the roller increases, likewise danger increases.  wider with less diameter is safer.

there is a reason why car engine dyno operators are in a different room.  just because someone else has done it, does not make it safe.  you are not spinning his steel or bearings.

steel is funny stuff, some is better than other.  iron is not safe for this kind of thing.  same for the pillow bearings.  there is a reason why some cost $200 each and some cost $15.  one never knows when microscopic cracks are present or when the steel has just had enough to give up the ghost... no matter what quality one has.

brake dynos differ, things are lighter to decrease inertia.  less danger exists, but still is danger.

imo, serious guards are a good thing.  whether you decide to use them is up to you.  i hate seat belts because they would have killed two of my friends.  we are all adults here, use your judgement not mine.



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