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splitting and reassembling crankcases
« on: May 09, 2019, 06:31:00 pm »
As you will all know the alloy bodied saws can be a right pain in the ass to split so you can change the crank bearings.
Normally you would need a mountain of expensive tools but in my experience this is not always the case.
I have just done a Husky 254 using just the crank splitting tool which is available cheaply from Hutzl. (see link below)
This tool can be used on most makes of saws. I have used it on Husky and Stihl with no problems.
Just remove all the bolts holding the cases together and where possible knock out any locating pins.
Then use the special tool to split the casings. You will then be left with just the bearings in the casings. In my experience
these normally knock out easily with a 2lb hammer. Just take care where you aim the hammer and always support under the bearing using
a piece of suitable tubing or large socket larger than the outer edge of the bearing. You can also use a large vice to press them out.

OK. Now for reassembly. No special tools are needed. You dont even need to heat or freeze anything.
First of all I pull the bearings into the case half's one at a time using nothing but a large nut and bolt with thick washers.
Now you are ready to pull the crank into the first bearing. I use a piece of tubing of a size that just goes over the crank and leaves the flywheel or clutch
thread exposed. Pack a washer or 2 on the thread and use a suitable nut to carefully pull the crank into the bearing
adding washers as needed. On the clutch side I use the centre of an old clutch suitable for the machines thread size. Don't forget they are a left hand thread.
To start pushing the crank into the bearings you may find it easier to start it off using a rubber mallet.
As the cases get closer together make sure that the gasket is in line and start putting in the casing screws. You can use them to pull the cases together.
Starting from the screws round the crank, turn each screw one turn at a time until the casings are fully closed.
Make sure the crank is free to turn. If not lightly tap the ends of the crank. Don't forget to knock the locating pins back into position
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