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Re: Porting tools, what works for you
« on: July 03, 2014, 02:41:05 pm »
I use a lot of oval and ball single cut carbide burrs, and rounded cylindrical and ball diamond points.  I use mostly the #30 generic, #44 Foredoms, generic slender, the CC 182MC and my custom made NSK dental head handpieces. 

An older shot of my goto's.  I've since started to use more diamond points to smooth transfer ports and to chamfer ports.

This is an older shot of what I happened to have chucked up that day. 

This is the NSK dental adapter I made compared to the CC 182Mc.  It uses latch burrs like the Foredom 55's but the $18 NSK knock off dental head seems to hold up much better than the Foredom contra's, and it doesn't get hot either.  Bit change is a snap, push the button on the back and slide a new bit in.  I broke 3 55d's before I bought the 182MC, but I missed the quick change of bits and how small they were for sub 60cc cylinders. 

NSK dental adapter with a modified 1/8" shaft, 1/4" head single cut carbide burr... the transfer hog!

A Foredom #8 next to a generic slender handpiece I found that I can convert to use with the Foredom shaft.

I do sell the generic slender and #30 handpieces currently.  Also I'm thinking of starting to sell the NSK dental adapters and provide a service to skinny 1/8" shaft burrs and cut the latch groove in them if anyone is interested.
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