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pp375 lesson learned
« on: March 24, 2016, 11:27:30 am »
had this pp375 for couple years. ran well after I got it and did the standard "new" saw drill. recently it would start and idle well but would stutter at wot. replaced seals (shoulda done it earlier), new filter, and re-rebuilt carb. same thing. decided yesterday I would get to the bottom of this as this is a great saw. decided to replace the fuel line even though it is soft and pliable. after taking the the starter cover off I finally noticed the vent line was kinked, wtf? replaced the vent line and the saw started, idles, and revved like it sposed to. gotta get it in some wood for the final test but am somewhat confident.
This just shows to go ya that its usually the simple things. glad I saw the vent cause idda never thought of that.
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Re: pp375 lesson learned
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2016, 11:50:33 pm »
I hear ya on the vent.   I think we have all had a simple problem byte us in the butt.   I had a 2 cycle engine at work one time that would run really good for about 5 minutes and then it would get hot and then just stop.  You could not get it to restart for nothing.   Even priming it through the carb I could hear the fuel sizzle inside the engine because it was so hot.   After it cooled down for a couple of hours then it would start and do the same thing all over again.  Turned out to be the fuel filter, but not before it faked me out big time.   
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