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Craftsman 36cc poulan
« on: October 18, 2012, 03:00:11 pm »
Just had 36cc  come in today that was worked on by the local dolmar echo poulan dealer that supposedly fixed it, NOT.    Guy says he has to change to a fresh dry plug to start each time and nothing had changed after getting it back from the dealer. I shall see whats up this evening.
They threw new fuel lines and a filter he said.

He say to start it get plug wet and then he has to change plugs to start each time.  Sounds like carb adjustments to me or fulcrum level wrong.  I will see this evening.   ;)

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Re: Craftsman 36cc poulan
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2012, 04:02:23 pm »
That didnt take long. Could start and it would shut right back off. Then pull over no start Hmmmm. Put spark tester on and it seemed ok but not like I was used to seeing from tester. So I looked at flywheel magnets and you could see where they had made contact with coil in past. So off comes the recoil and cleaned coil up first. Coil was loose IMO and I loosened little more and set gap being it was to tight from the get go IMO.  Carb settings were not to my liking, so re did them to my likings.  Set spark plug gap to 20 from 25.

Seen only 1 line out of the 3 had been replaced by the dealer. Some really flexible  grey line was used for fuel line. NOTE they used wrong size fuel line and the oem fuel filter would just rotate loosely in the fuel line not making a seal, even falling out when I was looking at it outside the tank  ::).
So I just used a mini tie strap to tighten around the line to keep the filter snug and tight. I know this works because I used to do this when running the big fuel lines on alky saws and tie strap filter to end.  ;)

Right now all is  fine and she runs and starts  perfect and idles all day I bet. 

Now to talk to him about this pos dull chain he said he takes care of himself.  :o :o :o


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