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Re: Poulan 3300 Fuel Line Kit 530069216
« Reply #10 on: June 08, 2016, 01:58:07 pm »
Just as an update on this saw, so far the green Tygon fuel line that I installed on impulse nipple on the rear of the engine block (no clamp) has been holding up just fine.  I imagine as it ages it will eventually deteriorate at a much sooner rate that the Echo 3mmx 6mm stuff you are using.  Also, I went ahead and replaced the muffler cover as it was pretty bloomed out with rust.  I noticed the piston and cylinder was in pretty decent condition so much life left in the saw. I remember looking at the parts lists for this model (Forester 3300) and they seem to indicate in the illustration portrays that the piston has two rings, but mine only had a single thicker ring.  My saw has 94 in the beginning of the serial number, so 1994 manufacture I presume.  I don't have the porous filter at the end of the line that hangs free in the air filter compartment so I just stuck a short piece of an aerosol squirter straw from a carb cleaner can on the end and have been running it that way for now.  I think it is a sintered bronze nipple breather filter that is supposed to go there.  It came to me missing that though.   

It works and I still have saws running it.  I just been updating as needed.

Here was a impulse line I did on my dads 3300 he bought new in mid-late 80's.

Guys I know some preach NOT to use the yellow tygon or oregon lines for impulse line at all. 
I am just showing it can be used when it is all you have on hand.  I use it on my own saws too when that is what I have to use for impulse.
The one in this pic is I am guessing 10 years of use by my dad down on the land.  The impulse line didnt fail, the av's and intake boot did.
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