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Re: Poulan history article
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1st link posed page 1 with pics not opening so saving some read

Beaird-Poulan, a tradition since 1946


3 Beaird-Poulan has established a solid reputation by building the highest quality products available. Pictured at left is (a) Model 2400, Poulan s first saw. It was Claude Poulan s invention, the bow guide, and required two men to operate it: (b) the Model A was Poulan s first one-man saw; (c) the B100 was Poulan s first chain saw; (d) the F100 featured Reduction Drive; (e) the K100 was powerful enough for the professional but was the first practical saw for the casual user; (f) the Poulan Micro XXV chain saw sold for well under $100 and continued revolutionizing the industry, and (g) the Model 3400, Poulan s new mid-priced chain saw has many features of the professional saws. In 1944, with World War II at its height, a young Louisiana lumberman, Claude Poulan made a discovery which would eventually lead to the founding of a major American company, and the expansion and growth of a worldwide industry. As Poulan supervised German prisoners of war cutting down pulpwood trees in the lush forests of East Texas, he noted that an extra man was required to operate twoman chain saws,. The third man used a pry pole to keep the chain from pinching or binding as it cut through the trees. Realizing the need for a device to eliminate the extra man, Poulan took an old truck fender, hammered out a piece of it into a curved attachment which he called a bow guide. This simple innovation was the first step toward the founding of the company which still bears his name today: Beaird-Poulan. When the war ended, Poulan moved to the small town of Alto, Texas, where he continued to produce bow attachments for major chain saw manufacturers including Mall, Disston and others. In 1946, Poulan moved his business to Marshall, Texas. After several months of operating in Marshall, Poulan took $4,000 and, using rented equipment, moved to a tiny 20 by 20 foot shed in Shreveport, Louisiana, where he formally established the Poulan Chain Saw Company. Using engines purchased from Homelite, he began producing the first Poulan Chain Saw, the Model Although Homelite was not in the saw business, they quickly became aware of this new industry s potential and entered the market Poulan, however, was able to negotiate for the tool rights and began producing his own engine components for the Model 2400 two-man chain saw. James M. Conly, Jr. joined Poulan in 1948 as chief accountant and office manager of the budding new company. Throughout the company s history, Mr. Conly has played a key role in its development. Also joining the Poulan firm in 1948 was Ernest Garrett, whose


5 Claude Poulan and James Conly, Jr. were driving forces behind the development of Poulan chain saws. The first Poulan manufacturing plant, constructed in 1951, is still used today for warehousing and equipment maintenance. knowledge of assembly procedures and chain saw design, helped set up Poulan s first plant producing complete chain saws. Poulan then brought his two brothers, Harry and Fletcher into the company in key positions. Harry took over sales and developed the forerunner of the distributor-dealer system still in use today. Fletcher became vice-president of production. Together, these men produced eight Poulan chain saw models, and gave the company a solid foundation on which to build the future. Today, that company has grown to be one of the largest manufacturers of chain saws in the world. In 1951, the company purchased a 12- acre site in Shreveport and constructed a new building which would eventually grow o 55,000 square feet of manufacturing space. At the same time, the firm introduced its second two-man saw which used components built in the company s foundry and plant, and carburetion and ignition parts purchased from an outside supplier. Also in 1951, Poulan introduced its first chain saw manufactured completely within the company, the Model This clearly established the company as a major force in the chain saw industry. Claude and his brothers inspect one of their early saws. Shown (left to right) are Harry Poulan, Chief Engineer Ernest Garrett, Claude and Fletcher Poulan.

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