Author Topic: Huskys Poulans 65cc 71cc 77cc gathering wood  (Read 536 times)

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Huskys Poulans 65cc 71cc 77cc gathering wood
« on: September 29, 2012, 07:53:35 pm »
Today me a 660mag went to get a truck load of test wood for my place and we compared the husky 365 special full comp 20" 3/8 to my poulan 425 quad port with full comp 24" 3/8.

Then we ran my rebuilt poulan 475 with husky afm 52mm piston with 24" 3/8 full comp compared to a husky 372 50mm (I know this one was strong  ;) ) with 24" 3/8 full comp.

I dont know if my 425 is stronger then my 415 but I have the wood to tell now to run same b+c for testing. Today I only had a 16" on my 415 for smaller wood cutting.

Thanks 660mag  enjoyed the company and talking afterwords.  8)

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Re: Huskys Poulans 65cc 71cc 77cc gathering wood
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2012, 09:23:33 pm »
I'll be glad to help time cuts when ever you want too.

I went up to the house and helped move pine tops out of the driveway before going home.

There were three pines all cut up there but they were laying in the driveway between the house and barn.

Monday the heating oil truck is coming to fill up the tank and the opening is on the side of the house towards the barn.

Might rain tomorrow? Don't know if her mom and dad are coming over tomorrow or not? But we got the limbs all drug out of the way of the fuel truck tonight. They are just going to throw the limbs and tops over the bank into a pile down in the woods to rot.

Don't know what model Stihl her uncle had to drop them but her dad had a plastic 45cc Homelite for the limbs. I had to work on that Homelite this past week. Last weekend I was there and the Homelite wouldn't draw fuel. It had one of those little weed eater filters and the shank had been bent and creased. It may have had a pin hole in the crease? I put a new filter from Glenn's in the tank and Sharpened the chain. It was a semi chisel Oregon .325. Was dull on the sides and not the top.

The 3/8 RSC on the 372 we used today was dull on the top plates when I got home. I'll fix up the chains on the 372XP and 365 special in case you want to time any cuts with them and the Poulans some day?

Without a stop watch, it was hard to tell any difference between the 365 Special and the 372XP today.

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