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Re: Leaning dead pine
« on: June 15, 2018, 09:57:51 am »
Any advice for cutting a dead pine? the way it's leaning it'll fall into other trees and hang, just thinking about type of notch, wedges, ropes and such. It's 24" maybe 28" not too tall, lot of dead limbs.
Use a guy line support rope anchored 90 degrees to where you can lay the tree.
I use a Big shot slingshot, throw line and 12oz weight bag to get the rope up high in tje tree. You'll need a ladder.
As long as the rope is tied over half ways up the tree you should have enough support.
To judge where to anchor the rope to the ground at 90 degrees to lay I use a 4ftx2ft T square. Hold one side of the square against the tree  opposite the lean. One straight edge points to lay the other points to where anchor must be. If there is no stump or tree at that point to anchor to you'll need a vehicle or make up a adjustable anchor point on a rope tied between 2 trees etc.
Here's a couple pics of an adjustable anchor point I rigged up on one job I did. Tied between a stump and a fence post.
Prussic hitch tied on rope attached to come a long.
Make sure felling cuts are same height as anchor point at prussic or your gunsight will be off.

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