Author Topic: Solo 665 upgrade to 681 Project  (Read 890 times)

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Re: Solo 665 upgrade to 681 Project
« on: March 25, 2013, 09:49:12 am »
dump the oil out. rinse the tank clean with some gas. get you sum uf dat NON CHLORINATED brake cleaner and spray out the crack very well. get yer grinder and slightly open the crak up and rough the whole area. re clean with NON CHLORINATED brake cleaner. let dry while you're mixing
up some ORIGINAL JB WELD. don't just pour it a layer it, work that stuff in really good, you want to fill that whole crack from end to end, then put a nice even amount over the area. don't be shy, you can use the dremmel to remove some if the adjuster scew don't fit. leave it on it's side to help hold the jb weld in place nice and level. after an hour or 2 make sure you look in the oil tank and remove any excess that's dangling from the crack. let her sit over niht before working with it anymore. nothing but a nice warm room, too much heat will make it cure too fast and may frag up the bond.
jb weld is my friend. fixed many saws worse off than yours :)
here's an 880 that blew a clutch i fixed early last summer:

i did add a few small pieces of filler to hold the jb weld in place and to add reinforcement. that saw is used on a processer and cuts alot of wood. still holding fine and no leaks from the oil tank. :)
i can't stress enough to use the original jb weld and NON-chlorinated brake cleaner. i don't use carb cleaner as it has a small amount of lube in it and that will destroy any chances of the jb weld bonding properly. just don't get it on any plastic parts as some of the plastics will degrade if touched by brake cleaner.
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