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Re: 024 info
« Reply #10 on: June 25, 2012, 08:57:39 pm »
A little up date on this little thing .My curiosity got the best of me so about a half hour ago I fired it up .No muffler because the dealer pulled it to examine the cylinder .Well it idled with no muffler so that tells me the carb is not set lean .

I made a cut with it and considering it had a well worn guard chain it did pretty good . So this is my conclusion . I imagine someone sent the saw to the shop for a chain grind and tune up .They found a slightly abraided cylinder and advised the owner who bought a new saw  .

Due to the fact it has one of those long tie strap type guard chains and the chain was machine ground it did not come from a more professional user .Those chains cut terrible when new and worse as the cutters wear down .

I'd imagine given the choice of a rebuild that with new parts and labor at 65 bucks an hour would equal what the saw cost new the guy opted to buy a new one .It isn't neccessarily the dealer steered him wrong because it could have died on the vine given enough time .

I think I'm just going to peel it down to the bones and buff it up and use it as it is without too much soup .For a little pup it doesn't do bad at all .First thing to go is that freakin guard chain .


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