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Re: 064 help please!
« on: August 02, 2012, 08:20:33 pm »
im sure its the right coil i replaced it with the exact number right off the coil and they look identical and  bolted up identical. im pretty sure that was the original coil on the saw it had 2 bolts in it and i see a 3rd hole on the saw and see there are a few different coils that would fit it but i kept the same 1 so im pretty sure thats not my problem. now when u say look at the crank and flywheel and make sure they are alligned, i may have a problem there because i dont know exactly what im loloking for there. just to let you know i never touched the flywheel, never had it off or anything but u are saying maybe it jumped time? if so whats the fix?  i am not running it now because i dont want to tear up the cyliner/piston or  crank . i know the piston can only go up and down but seems to me the crank has to be turning the opposite direction? im no mechanic just looking for any help. thanks guys for your input i appreciate it