Author Topic: 08 S electromic quickstop  (Read 67 times)

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08 S electromic quickstop
« on: March 28, 2018, 05:46:15 am »
hello from Dublin Ireland folks!
now go easy on me im new  ::)

i have got myself a 08 S STIHL  :)

I am scratching my head with this saw! the "mechanic" that had it for 3 weeks to service it.... well il keep
the profanity out of this post  >:(

so as it stands when i start the saw it seems the bar drops and the chain tightens then the engine stalls  :'(

i cant see a serial number anywhere on the saw. just dont want to run it to much as im afraid of doing damage to engine

any help/advise would be greatly appreciated 

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