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HT 131 Went Swimming
« on: September 12, 2015, 08:14:37 am »
So, last week over the holiday weekend my uncle was running his HT 131 pole saw along the shoreline of our camp. I guess he slipped or tripped as he was walking in the water (I wasn't there to see it) down shore line and somehow managed to dunk the running power head under water. He said it shut right down and he left it as it was until I got there the next day. Went to check it out and wouldn't pull over at all-seized or hydro lock in figured. Pulled plug, out dumps water from the cylinder and out through the carb when laid on its side...not good. Turned out to be hydro lock at least though and the engine would now turn over. Looking through plug hole can see water and oil separated on top of piston. Dumped a bunch of mix in the cylinder and pulled it over to get it through the engine as best as I could. It now is home in my garage and I'm going to tear into it soon as I have time to do so. Few questions though, as I haven't worked on any 4 mix engines, which I believe this is. Doeach the valve sprocket need to remain aligned the same when back together? Like a timing belt on an auto engine? I don't want to mess up the valves. Also, I haven't worked on a saw that took in water before, what are the normal things that should get replaced? Going to do new cylinder gasket, clean/rebuild carb, dry everything out thoroughly. Is there concern with the crank bearings after some water? Or can I just coat everything in 2 stroke oil when it's dry and reassemble? Also going to dump fuel and probably replace fuel line/filter while I'm at it. Anything I'm missing or to watch for? Appreciate any help.  :)

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