Author Topic: mako piston/cylinder for stihl 036  (Read 1767 times)

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Re: mako piston/cylinder for stihl 036
« on: January 04, 2012, 05:42:04 pm »
OOOOOH YEAH! the 034 gotsed a new airfilter too 8) it's been getting more and more balled overtime, figured it's time for less dust injection ;)
yon olde:

hither new:

i would've showed you how nice the cylinder was and the lack of any scratches and polishing it had. but when kristian returned it. it looked like a thissss:

this is what happens when a fuel line goes bad, the person is mostly deaf and has almost no feeling in his hands.
he felt awful about it. wanted to just buy the saw from me or atleast pay to have all the parts replaced plus my time. his saw (034 super) was at my place getting a new line (coincidence?) and a carb rebuild. scared him when i said i was keeping his saw (it's freaking mint and runs fantastic). i told him i should have cought the problem as i was the last person to run the saw 3 or 4 months ago, seemed o.k. then but it's a long wait for a saw. and i even gave the saw a look over and run before it went out the door. ::) not his fault in my head. he wouldn't run a saw he thought wasn't running properly. he said it didn't give any indication of any problem while running, just when he filled it up and gave it a tug. said it felt a little soft on the pull cord......
i ain't charging him anything. this guy is a top notch borrower, will always step up if something is his fault (even when not), and i'll happily lend him another saw if needed.
i've had the saw since '94-'95 or so, came to me in a box with a toasted topend after a 'contractor' tried to run just one tank of straight fuel to get one last cut out of it for the day. it looked almost like new then... the saw, not the piston ;D
if this piston/cylinder doesn't work out, i'll probably order the bailey's nwp kit to try. :)
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