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Re: ms290
« Reply #20 on: February 23, 2014, 01:29:29 am »
Nothing like that. Bearings say....Made in.....Got the old bearings in front of me now....Dug them out of the garbage.... Ha! Ha! Made in of all places...TURKEY.... on this rebuild with a part number of ORS 620JCJ.....HELL the numbers are poorly stamped too! Have seen India before....all of some sort of "plastic" or fiber cage on the "FARMBOSS" series saws of crank bearings?
Oh my goodness....Stihl....America's Favorite....that it may be??? BUT....

Stop and think about it..... Did Stihl save 2 cents on each bearing times.... 300,000 + in hopes that these would all hold up over their "limited" ONE year warranty or better yet....since January 2011.....TWO YEARS with the purchase of a six pack of their "ULTRA" 2 cycle mix....HEY! What did they make on the oil mix? Enough to cover  the warranty claims on the failures within the ....time period? This warranty only came about because of ECHO, Stihl's competitor uping their warranty.

I guess this thread has taken on other another I am dropping the topic from my view all because I am a "newbie" here ....Don't want to upset the "apple cart" so to speak.....however I have run saws and had my hands dirty and oiled up with 2 cycle mix since the early 70's!!!!! I guess for all purposes and intents....I should not have replied to the orginal post. I guess I am still stuck on what "Made in Virgina Beach, USA should be....Hoo-Ray for the share holders in Stihl!!!!

Someday....they like GM will also need a government "bailout"!

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