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Re: NEW GUY WITH 026 ??S
« on: October 22, 2013, 01:10:49 pm »
Thanks for the reply. Im not realy sure exactly whats wrong. It takes about 12 pulls to start and doesnt seem to have much power. Im cutting cord wood nothing realy more than 12 inch and it powers out real easy. I would like to go with the 44.7 rather than the 44 would that make a noticable power difference? Im a green horn it will be the first time tearing into a saw. The main thing is I dont want to buy low quailty parts which one would you recomend

Don't be so sure its the top end. Chances are you simply need to rebuild the carburetor or have it tuned properly.
You wont notice any performance increase in 0.7cc. Matter of fact, that cylinder (44.7cc) will probably make less HP than that of an OEM or the equivalent Meteor kit in 44mm.
If it were my saw, I'd buy the Meteor kit hands down - no questions asked.

But you have to ask yourself, is it really the piston and cylinder? A carburetor tuned lean will act just like you described.

Don't forget to replace the impulse hose, fuel hose, fuel filter, rebuild carb and check for cracks or tears in the intake boot.