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Re: Stihl 025
« Reply #40 on: June 30, 2014, 09:30:51 pm »
Well, today was going to be the day that the parts came in.

They did . . .

But Stihl back-ordered the engine pan. They leave you hanging, It's back ordered (infinity?) No one knows until when?

So I ordered a used one off Ebay.

I worked on what I had, on finishing the brake mechanism. I installed the leaf spring I ordered and assembled all the brake parts and installed the brake over-center mechanism cover.

Then I moved to the other side and the starter side of the brake lever. The original fastening bushings were gone with something out of a junk box in their place that obviously wasn't correct. Well, the new correct bushing didn't fit even as good. I compared the lever with my other 025 and MS250 and the lever is different in that area.

So I ordered a nice used current style lever from Ebay. Can not wait a couple days on Stihl to find out it is on back order and then have to source one from Ebay anyway..

When the used lever comes in, I get to take all the brake mechanicals apart again, big spring and all, to put in the new style lever.

This is a old 1991 saw. Though it didn't see a tremendous amount of use as a homeowner firewood chainsaw, It has been apart a few times for various reasons.

I fitted all the oil pump drive and clutch parts as a trial fit. This design as been changed over the years and it now has all MS250 parts in that area and they all fit up correctly. The brake band grabs the clutch and releases so the clutch is free as a bird. I get to take all this apart again when the engine pan and seals come in.

The nuts for holding the muffler down did not match. The bolts did but the nuts did not. I bought new proper 5mm flange nuts from the bolt bins at the hardware store.

The nuts that hold the carburetor do not match either. No doubt there's been some fuel lines put in it and I know the top cover is not original. Someone even put a new pull cord in the starter. It was done proper.

If I was fixing this saw for someone, I would go broke trying to make everything correct. A lot of the deferred items would have to be put back like the 025 came in and not clean anything? Now it is all clean . . . its mine. What's there looks very nice.

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