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O26 down again
« on: February 13, 2015, 09:27:10 am »

I have a Stihl Pro 026 that was not starting; see my post:

I rebuilt the carb last spring.  Started it up, made several cuts with the saw and it ran great.  Then two months later I went to start the saw and it never fired.  I dumped the fuel put in fresh and still nothing.  The only way to get it to fire was to squirt fuel on the face of the air filter.  So I figured; screw it and yesterday I installed a new WT 194-1 carb (NOT the WT403B like I should have). I swapped the piece out that fits the air filter from the old carb.  After a dozen pulls, the saw fired up.  A few initial adjustments of fuel mixture screws I went to try it out.  Saw ran great but over the course of a couple of hours it slowly degraded.  First it got harder to start, then the low speed performance fell off. I made an adjustment to the low speed air screw and reset the idle and for a short time the saw work well but then it started running worse than ever.  When I finally shut it down it was a 6-8 pull starter and would only run decent at full throttle.  I had to feather the trigger to keep it running between cuts. 

So now Iím wondering if itís the fuel Iím using.  I donít use chain saw pre-mix.  I use the same pre-mix as I do in my dirt bike, which is Maxima Castor 927 @ 40:1.  This is great oil in off road 2-stokes and Iíve run in a several Stihl products but Iím wondering if the oil doesnít agree with this style of carburetor.

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Re: O26 down again
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2015, 01:20:23 pm »
  Check the fuel system/carb again, castor can leave lots of gummy residue in saws that sit idle for months...

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Re: O26 down again
« Reply #2 on: February 13, 2015, 07:11:31 pm »
I have a Walbro WT-194 carburetor on my 026 and have never had one moment's trouble with it. I run Pennzoil 2 stroke air cooled oil at 32:1 with the cheapest 10% ethanol gas I can find. Lucky?
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