Author Topic: STIHL not standing by their product - repair costs more than paid originally  (Read 563 times)

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I have a 2.5 year old STIHL - used 15 times - never dropped it. I am facing a $275.00 repair on an MS-211 that I bought for $250. I called STIHL and asked how an engine housing can crack when the plastic body surrounding the entire chainsaw was completely fine / not broken. I asked if they would stand by their product. They said "something **** the engine housing." I said, that I'm telling as many people as I can about my experience and Kelly at STIHL tech services hung up on me. That is all FACT. I'm not a happy customer of STIHL. I will never buy their products again and I'm telling as many people as I can about this.

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I guess i see it this way. You purchased a saw with a warranty that covered it for a specified period of time. had the issue occurred during that time, they woyuld have gladly repaired the saw. However, you are now outside of the specified time period and you still want them to fix it? Really?

Try that with your vehicle and see where you get. I had an $800 antilock brake pump go out on my truck at 37,100 miles. Yes i paid the bill in full, even though the 3 years on the 3 yr/36,000mile warranty had not expired.  I knew driving into the dealer the warranty was expired and really didn't expect anything.   They felt bad and sold me the part for cost and did not charge labor to install it.  But, i purchased it there and was very polite through the process.
Can't please everyone all the time. Sorry for your issues, but i probably would have hung up on you too.

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Yeah, can you put up some pics of the damage?  Just curious to see what and where it is.


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Your stihl 211 is 2.5 years old.  I feel for yeah buttttttttttttttt. 

Stihl chainsaw warranty

Chain Saws    Homeowner 1 year     Pro 90 days   if you bought the oil during purchase sometimes it gets doubled.

REDNECK Saw Repair Getter Done

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Looks like he is making his smear attack across the internet, he likely won't be back.

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kinda wonder how hard he must of yanked it when he pinched it in a log
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Yeah, he is gaining an army on the other site.........It will likely be a big one!

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Hey Fish!!! What's up  ;)
Nice to see you still on the interwebs and stuff.

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Yeah, I am a lone entity any more.  That other place is dead to me after 12 or so years.

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Fish, you already know my feeling and I am glad to see you here. 


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