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Re: Speed Test
« Reply #10 on: January 18, 2018, 05:09:19 pm »
Good to meet you David! I'm Willard. I'm turning 60 this Sunday I'm right behind you and good points about the 22 mind and 80 something body Hahaha.

I'm running. 404 on my 395XP-36" and 090AV-36" with a 36" Alaskan mill.
I recommend nothing bigger than 3/8" on a 066/660.

.404 is more durable carries more oil, holds a better edge. But biggest thing it doesn't have stretch problems on the 36" mill like a 3/8" has.

I have to rephrase my last comment about square chisel bit holding a better edge than round filed.
A edge is a edge they round over, but the superior double sided square filed corner is so efficient that even when dulled it still cuts better then a equally  dulled round filed chain.
But having said all that, a square filed edge is flat like a planer knife or hand chisel, makes a strong taper to a keen edge.
A round filed edge is concave and a weaker edge.....

Now to my wonky angles. Everyone knows with a bar/chain mounted in a Alaskan mill you can only file the cutter's from the sprocket cover side of the bar.
You file the left hand cutters normally but the right hand cutters have to be filed downwards into the cutter like you do with a square file.
So I can square file my right hand cutters Ok but on the left cutters the square file has to move upwards like a round file but with a lot more downwards lowering of the file handle.

I saw professional timber fallers square file their falling saws exactly this way and it works fine, just takes practice.
But of course with this filing method the left hand cutters will have a burred edge. Nothing a little piece of hardwood can't scrape off.
Making a living with a saw since age 16.


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