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Re: Sachs Dolmar KMS-4
« on: May 12, 2014, 02:39:35 pm »
Awesome video Mitch.

Whats the story on the find?  How you came across it. 

The hunt for certain saws is what I like now days.

Well, this saw was brought to my attention by Nathan (Black Dog Chainsaw/Nstueve)  on Craigslist as "chainsaw", my search didn't find it.  Called the gentleman and talked for a bit, realizing he would never ship the saw, knew I had a chance.  We came to an agreement on price and schedule for pickup and he held his word.  285 miles later I pull onto an old acreage with plenty  of "stuff" collected.  Guy was in his eighties and looked rather skinny/frail but accompanied by a sharp wit. 

Asked him if it ran and his response "Said it did, didn't I"  with a grin.  "You do know what it is, don't you"  I said Yes, well aware of the find.  "Good he says, we won't have to wrestle on the price then"     Turned out he purchased the saw and had it shipped in 1978 to his residence in Nebraska and always knew it was a saw not to wear out.  Last year he came down with lung cancer (reason for the frail look) and is cleaning out so his kids don't have to do it all.  We walked around his shop for a bit looking at old wood lathes while telling each other politically incorrect jokes.  At one point he said "Hell, anything in here is for sale"  to which I replied "How much for the eighties pin up girls".  Almost before I finished the sentence he said "NOT FOR SALE" 

Wife and I both wish we had more time with the guy but the time didn't allow. 

Very cool story. 

I love talking to folks with history of tells to tell.  Thanks for sharing.
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