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Re: Echo CS-2511T
« Reply #10 on: December 04, 2017, 09:47:16 am »
I also do not know if it has a cat in the muffler but i will seems a lil cold natured but it may change with break in and once i remove the limiters and adjust it....once warm it spools up like my 355t seems more crisp then my 330t...but i have only started it 3 times....maybe next week i will get into it.....i will say it is light oh man its light....406 bux out the door.... more then i paid for my 355t i got it for 300 or so  bux new off the bay.

Saving your feedback on 2511  =   well i have been using the cs2511t on almost just palms and wow whata great saw.... it does load up from the fibers on pygmy date palms but all saws do.... yet to do any oaks.... it flat out gets it.... i have never enjoyed a top handle as much as this one....granted its tight clutch area will mean keeping it clean a must so it will oil the bar.... but my god it has it all.... im tempted to sell my cs 330t and a few other saws and buy a 2nd one... i like it that much... 4 hours today and left or right hand no fatigue .....and it has a sweet power band.... i am very happy with this saw so far.....just an update.....   
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