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I have seen the 543 and 550 pics by now - the pic of the 550 is as expected, but the 543 pic puzzels me regarding the origin of the design, and makes me sceptical.... ???

As far as I know it is not an official Husky picture, so we don't even know if it is the final product, or if it is a prototype or pre-production saw. Then there is the possibility that it is a Zenoah design, of course.....

Old Iron Logging:
I don't like the looks of the 543. Looks like a cheap Poulan to me. Guess a 241 is in my future.

Not a Poulan at all. I do see a little Red Max in there though. Equally discourageing in my book. We'll have to wait and see.

I believe Spike is right, again!   ;D

Cut4fun .:
Art I seen this video and thought it fit you to a T.  550xp  Wonder if it will be as nimble as the OE 346 feels.  The NE just feels different and I have no clue why. I even had them both side to side and cant figure out why. Anyone know why the NE feels and handles different then the OE 346?


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