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Title: 346 topend kits
Post by: Cut4fun . on May 02, 2013, 02:20:41 pm
With all of this talk on the aftermarket 50cc  topend kits for the 346.

I went and found a old post of mine on OEM 50cc kits and their high retail prices.  I cant remember what year I posted this but was wondering if prices are still close.

3 top ends listed for the NE 346

  Prices on high retail side show $208 $244  $255 now on these 3.

   544142903   This one is the highest     

Besides the de-comp not being on one of the 50cc kits anyone know the differences?

Title: Re: 346 topend kits
Post by: 660magnum on May 02, 2013, 05:19:45 pm

544 14 29-03  $273.88


544 14 29-07  No DeComp $283.58
544 14 29-08  $287.57
Title: Re: 346 topend kits
Post by: Spike60 on May 03, 2013, 06:59:36 am
Despite all of the different numbers, there are only two kits for the NE 346. With and without the deco. The change in the last digit doesn't have any significant meaning, and any use of the old numbers will supercede up to the new ones.

I sell them for $200, and the original OE 42mm kits for just $160. At those prices they are not that far away from the aftermarket kits. IMO the aftermarket kits work, but they often won't run with the original. They may look right to the eye, (sometimes), but guys that measure them say they often have some variations. I think the 42mm OEM kit will outcut the aftermarket NE kits. And there's no cleaning up of some of the sloppy stuff that seems to be necessary on many aftermarket items.

I can get aftermarket kits pretty cheap from several suppliers. Often in the $50-$70 range. I've experimented with them and have reached the conclusion that the quality is not even close to being good enough to use them in the shop. Some can run a while, some don't last very long. I won't even use them on my own projects. I am more comfortable using an aftermarket piston in an OEM jug that has been cleaned up.