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Title: Dolmar PS-7900 (Red Top)
Post by: KilliansRedLeo on June 21, 2014, 11:32:53 am
Just completed this week. Completely rebuilt. This saw came in as a repair but was traded for a restored Husqvarna 272XP West Coast Edition. So I decided to rebuild it. After rebuild, saw popped on second pull started on third and idled perfectly at 2600 RPM on 50:1 Tru-Fuel. Tuned right now for break in.

 What was done:
 Completely disassembled and cleaned
 New OEM Bearings and seals (6202/6203) installed per Dolmar with Loc-Tite 603
 All new gaskets
 New OEM clutch and bearing
 New RE-101 kit in the carburetor
 New OEM heat shield
 New Kolben Schmidt windowed piston
 New OEM brake components
 OEM Dogs
 New OEM Brake flag and internal brake components
 All new OEM updated wiring and switch.
 All new OEM AV mounts

 $450.00 PHO, plus ship PM if questions or interest