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Title: 288 Will not start
Post by: dvcochran on July 22, 2014, 05:13:42 pm
I have a 288xp that has been a very good running saw, very strong. I used it all winter and spring and then gave it a rest for a month or so. I went to use it again and it would hit but would not start. I thought it was a fuel problem so I first drained the tank, replaced the filter and the fuel line and the spark plug but seen no change. Still thinking it was a fuel problem I replaced the carburetor but still no change. I have checked for fire at the plug several times and I see a spark so I assume that is ok although it doesn't seem to be a super hot spark. Last year it would quit running when it got hot so I replaced the coil and plug wire and fixed that problem. When I replaced the coil I also replaced the two wires in the ignition circuit because they were skinned pretty bad.I know there is an ignition module and the flywheel involved with the spark but do not know how to check them other than grounding the plug and checking for spark. I have not put a compression gauge on it but it takes a strong pull to spin it over. Any help is greatly appreciated.
David Cochran
Title: Re: 288 Will not start
Post by: aclarke on July 22, 2014, 05:36:53 pm
Heating up and dying is somewhat of a red flag.  I'd look for piston/ring damage and a leaking crank seal first.