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Title: Carburetor chipped
Post by: shoesnsocks on February 21, 2017, 10:30:14 pm
I was blasting out a carburetor with an air compressor today and a couple little pieces of it chipped out. Unfortunately I didn't get to see the Carb before it went into the sonic cleaner. Could water corrosion have weakened the metal?
Title: Re: Carburetor chipped
Post by: sharkey on February 24, 2017, 05:56:56 am
Could be.  Probably more so vibration. 

Be careful with too much air.  Some Walbro carbs use a high speed 'nozzle' which inside has a tiny cap and check valve.  If they go flying chances of you finding them is pretty low.  What then becomes worse is Walbro wont sell a replacement nozzle...  HDA-268 comes to mind.   
Title: Re: Carburetor chipped
Post by: Al Smith on March 09, 2017, 06:12:43 am
Some times you have to watch that air pressure .I unwittingly blew the check valve from a Tecumseh carb on a Power Products AH -58 engine and never found it .That gear drive saw at the moment is another one of my many projects awaiting  parts resting in a box on a shelf until that time comes .They will in time,always have in the past.

That damned saw had sat under a pine tree near Meadville Pa for what must have been years and given to me .What made it die on the vine was a disconnected wire going  to the ignition points .I stripped it right down to the bones and made a new reed valve and reassembled it .The Fairbanks-Morse type starter needed  some parts so I thought it was a grand plan to wind it up with a drill motor on the crankshaft nut .I wasn't such a good idea .Spun the nut off and the flywheel orbited my garage about two times before it stopped and just missed my wifes Cadillac.Could have turned out badly .
Title: Re: Carburetor chipped
Post by: Jacks54 on March 09, 2017, 06:22:06 am
i never use airpress at carbs
just brakecleaner spraycan what will it be at pressure 2 bar? maybe just enough for those carbs