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Title: Problems with 028 AV Wood Boss - //
Post by: rick james on June 23, 2017, 06:28:49 pm

I just found a 028 AVS Wood Boss in a flea market bargain.

Ive never had a stihl, but have had crappy chainsaws in the past, so at I least I probably should understand the basic mechanics.  Within around 30 minutes I got the saw running, by simple tweaks, but then started inspecting what was missing..

So far Ive ordered the oil worm cog, and the plastic star cog that goes on the drum.  I also ordered the eclip and circular washer that hold the chain from slipping of, and the chain tensioning screw.

A couple things Im finding tough to find are

- the star washer that fits over the drum (sits inside the plastic dust covet w the 5 screws)
- the plastic dust cover

What I can seem to find locally are both of the above for the 038 model - Does anyone know if although they are separate part numbers, they tend to fit universally?

I know that the star washer, for example looks very similar - and equally does the cover, just that its quite difficult to see the millimeter differences that might make them incompatible.

Finally, then Ill stop - When I got the saw running, it wouldnt shut off.  At first I tried the front click brake, pushing it out (which should tighten the steel coil on the sprocket to isolate movement, but this doesnt work, then I tried the choke, flipping it up - initially it didnt work, but then if I move it about 3mm down, after Ive flicked it up, it switches off.  I guess Im glad I have a way of switching the saw off, but if anyone has experienced this before and has any pointers, Id be happy to hear them!

Thanks - attached is a photo of what I found when I opened the saw.

And here is a link to the tutorial I mentioned:


Title: Re: Problems with 028 AV Wood Boss - //
Post by: ChipsAhoy on June 23, 2017, 09:35:30 pm
Ebay lists a bunch of stuff for that saw. Check it out.
Title: Re: Problems with 028 AV Wood Boss - //
Post by: Cut4fun . on June 23, 2017, 10:55:59 pm
member chainsawr has a website selling used parts.
Title: Re: Problems with 028 AV Wood Boss - //
Post by: snoozeys on July 08, 2017, 02:51:01 am
My 028 is a pain in the arse to start and wont idle 😠😠

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