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Title: new echo cs3510
Post by: stubnail67 on August 12, 2020, 02:14:27 pm
Any one got to try these new saws yet? what's the the differences in this and the cs352? i see the air filter was changed and a wall between the cylinder  and carb are different.... and the muffler looks a a little different new colors ... weights the same....did they change the clutch? any one own one please chime in thank you.....
Title: Re: new echo cs3510
Post by: Cut4fun on August 13, 2020, 07:20:59 am
Guys posted about a couple small echos in the chainsaw repair group.  Sorry I didnt pay attention to what they thought of them.

But might search there.

Bumped a May thread.  Not much info on how built etc. But one guy says little beast.
Title: Re: new echo cs3510
Post by: stubnail67 on May 14, 2021, 05:33:11 pm
Finally bought one .the controls and build is not as solid as the older models . The air filtration seems to be much better. the antivibe is good everything is more light weight i don't think fuel caps will last as long, the trigger seems chincy i like the old toggle switch also...that being said i got it for 209 out the door it was a bear to start up  for an echo.. But i have started it a few times now and it starts as an echo should easy ...It was boggy but after letting it cycle a few times its getting more crisp and seems stronger and more throaty... Mind you no carb adjustment yet... or muffler mod... the Muffler does not have a cat and it has the typical safety tabs on the carb screws ... I can see me modding it before break in occurs LOL. it looks to be a really easy mod . i will be dropping it down to a 14 inch bar and chain also ... Any ways here are some pics for you of the saw and the airfilter area. You can see it has gaskets in all the places it should. its nice and tight don't think any fines will get in...