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Title: Lewis Chainsaw Winch
Post by: Cut4fun . on March 03, 2021, 08:42:17 am
Thought of you watching this Roger. I recall you coming up with ideas to haul them out.

I like that cone idea.

Holzfforma g660 and Lewis Chainsaw Winch Skidding Logs in Deep Snow

Holzfforma g660 and Lewis Chainsaw winch skidding logs in deep snow is the project at hand on today's episode. With the snow falling almost daily around here in Canada, I'm stuck embracing it if I ever want to get anything done. With that, I'm putting my new Holzfforma g660 chainsaw to the test along with my Lewis Chainsaw Winch mk2 to see what I can do about the big pile of logs piled up deep in the woods. With some tough trail ahead, I get down to it by rigging up the winch along with my new Skidding cone made by the Portable Winch company. I've skidded a number of logs before in all seasons but it hasn't been until recently that I came across this skidding cone. I'm hoping that it helps me to ensure that I am able to navigate these logs around objects instead of burying them deeper into the snow. Watch as my 7hp 92cc Holzfforma (Stihl 660 clone) performs today as I test it for the very first time attached to my Lewis Chainsaw winch. This chainsaw winch is rate for 7hp and that is exactly what this chainsaw is. Let's see if this 92cc chainsaw makes a difference compared to my 60cc Husqvarna 555 which I had originally had attached to this lewis chainsaw winch. One other thing you'll notice today is that I have shorted the cable to approximately 90feet from the original 150 feet that you would've seen on my other lewis winch videos. I had trouble handling the 150 feet of 3/8" cable without it birdsnesting and so I decided to cut it down to something more manageable. Check out how this reduced length impacts the usability of this winch today. Glad you're all here, let's try this thing out!
Title: Re: Lewis Chainsaw Winch
Post by: 3000 FPS on March 03, 2021, 12:24:56 pm
Yes I do have a winch set up that I made from a cheapo Harbor Freight winch that worked great.    The cone idea has been around a long time although I have not used one, but I can definitely see the advantage of using one.    I like the shape of the one this fellow has. 
Sometimes when up in the mountains there are other stumps in the way so a cone would work great for that.