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Re: Cutter Filing / Grinding Height
« on: March 01, 2014, 01:42:18 pm »
Here's another comment I often share with guys new to sharpening: There are lots of ways to sharpen - pick one that works for you

It is sometimes easiest if someone shows/helps you in person, and you follow the same method and use the same tools.  Some make more sense intuitively to a person, or meet specific needs (cost, number of chains sharpened, availability of power, etc.).  It helps if you understand the basics of what you are trying to do with the cutter and how the different methods help you (or not!).

There are lots of filing guides/devices out there. Some are are tied to a specific brand or size of chain. Not a big deal if you only run one or two type/size/brands of chain. But it can be frustrating if you have different saws, run different pitches, and end up with lots of different guides that you have to keep straight.

- Plain files work with any chain of a specific pitch, provided you have the right diameter file.  But they provide the least help shaping the cutter edges.
- Grinders, Granberg type filing guides, and Dremel type sharpeners work with with any pitch, provided you have the right wheel or file or stone.  The first two mentioned are the most structured and will provide the most consistent cutters.

- Flat file guides work with most chains of a specific pitch (but won't do a 10* 'down angle' if that is important to you).  They are simple and inexpensive.

- Roller guides get increasingly type/brand specific (e.g. narrow kerf is different, low profile is different, some need to be modified to fit other brands, etc.).  They are popular if they work with your chains.

- File-O-Plates are the most chain/brand specific.  Simple and inexpensive, but you may need several of them to cover different chain sizes, brands, types.  Not available for all chains.

Some of the sharpeners or guides only work at specific angles (e.g. 30* top plate), which is OK if that is what you want, but does not provide you with any flexibility to change or customize angles.



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